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10,000 Youths planned patriotic trip to Pag-asa island in West Philippine Sea.

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines)

With tensions rising in the South China Sea, some 10,000 Filipino youth volunteers are daring to go to Pag-asa Island, the biggest island in the contested Spratlys.

Together, they want to support efforts to assert the Philippines' claim over disputed waters.

In a press conference on Thursday (November 5), volunteers of "Kalayaan Atin Ito" said they were planning to leave mainland Palawan on November 30 and stay on the Kalayaan Island Group until December 30 this year.

They said the gesture would be a peaceful protest to show China, and the whole world, that Filipinos were united in asserting territorial rights.

To send 10,000 volunteers, the group is raising a billion pesos.

Donations can be given as cash or in kind.

Retired Capt. Nicanor Faeldon, a member of the group, said donors could give canned goods, drinking water or provide free transportation to the volunteers.

Kalayaan Island Mayor Eugenio Bito-onon Jr. welcomed the activity.

But he is asking the group to coordinate with government agencies to ensure the volunteers' safety during the risky voyage.

The group said they had asked the Armed Forces to assist them during the trip.

International Maritime Law professor Jay Batongbacal agreed with the group that activities in the South China Sea benefit the Philippines.

Like the plan of the United States to continue patrolling the South China Sea.

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Kalayaan Atin Ito aims to unite the Filipino people– especially the Filipino youth– through a patriotic cause. Our objective is to gather 10,000 volunteers to join us in a peaceful protest against China’s aggressive and unlawful taking over of reefs to build artificial islands with military installations in the West Philippine Sea– a territory that is well within our 200-mile Exclusive Economic Zone as defined by the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea.

Kalayaan Atin Ito’s movement has four phases:
Phase 1 – Freedom Flame Caravan
Carrying a flame that symbolizes our national unity, Kalayaan Atin Ito will go to all 81 Philippine provinces and hold information drives in universities and colleges to educate people about the West Philippine Sea dispute with China. It is within this stage that we aim to gather at least 30 volunteers from each province to sail with us to Palawan.
Phase 2 – Freedom Voyage
All volunteers will converge at Puerto Princesa, Palawan and sail to Kalayaan Island Group and stay there from November 30 to December 30 as a peaceful protest against the Chinese government’s bullying. Each province will have one boat for their 30 respective volunteers and the rest would be on large ships. Transportation, accommodation, and food would be taken care of by Kalayaan Atin Ito.
Phase 3 – Freedom Islands
Leadership, unity, and patriotism training will be held from one Philippine-owned island to another. All volunteers will spend nights at the different islands that are occupied by the Philippines. Our month-long stay is to impress upon our fellow Filipinos that there are still those who care for their country enough to undertake such sacrifice and to encourage them that they can, too, help our country stand up to a bully as large and powerful as China. It is also to show the whole world that we are not just a bunch of Juan Tamads– that we can fight our own fight no matter how small we seem.
Phase 4 – Freedom Fishermen
After our 30-day peaceful protest, we will turn over some boats to the fishermen at Kalayaan Island Group for them to use for their livelihood. This is to ensure that the Filipinos at Kalayaan will keep on residing there as well as to encourage other fishermen and citizens to take up residence at KIG.

If you are interested in volunteering for our patriotic cause or if you have any inquiries, you can contact us through:
Mobile Nos.: 0998-869-3103, 0999-5366979, 0906-410-2521

* * * * * * * *

Our love for country is now put to test. 
What you will do in the next 7 days will become a life changing decision. 

Glory be to God!

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The youth travel to Pag-asa Island is a noble and patriotic  endeavor however please take extra precaution during the trip since December is the worst month in West Philippine Sea with regards to weather. 

The Northeast Monsoon  (Hanging Habagat) is very strong on the month of December on that area of West Philippine Sea / South China Sea.
Weather in Kalayaan Islands Group in West Philippine Sea 
during the month of December

Equivalent Wind Beaufort Force to Height of Wave

During the month of December at the height of Northeast Monsoon, the wind force in West Philippine Sea may reach up to Beaufort Force 7 to  Beaufort Force 9 with the height of the wave from 4 meters to 7 meters.  A 10,000 gross tons vessel will roll and will be pounding heavily. 
It will be  nightmare situation on a small vessel or fishing boat of 500 to 1.000 gross tons on a Beaufort Force 7 to Beaufort Force 9 winds.

  The month of September is a transition period between Southwest monsoon and the Northeast
   monsoon,  the seas in West Philippine Sea is a quite calm to moderate and a nice time to travel to
   Pag-asa island.

   Also the month of March is transition period between Northeast  monsoon and Southwest monsson
   and the seas around Pag-asa island to Palawan is quite calm to moderate.

   The best time for the youths and other civilians to travel to Pag-asa island is September and March.

* * * * * * * *

Military official cautions group on plan to send 10,000 youths to Kalayaan islands

MANILA, Philippines — A military official is objecting to the plan of 10,000 youth volunteers to stage a 30-day protest at the Kalayaan Group of Islands to exert the country’s claim over the West Philippine Sea.

An official of the Armed Forces of the Philippines’ Western Command said he was “personally not in favor” of the “Kalayaan Atin Ito” protest, which would involve 10,000 volunteers from 81 provinces.
Wescom chief, Vice Adm. Alexander Lopez, said the lives of the volunteers would be in danger because of the unpredictable sea conditions in the West Philippine Sea.

They are undertaking an unnecessary risk.  They don’t know how treacherous the sea condition is right now. If ever they do that, they are ill-advised,” said Lopez.

Lopez issued the statement in reaction to the plan of the volunteer group to stage a protest from November 30 to December 30 at the Kalayaan Group of Islands to show the world the unity of Filipinos in stressing their claims over the West Philippine Sea.

The group, with ex-Marine Capt. Nicanor Faeldon as one of its movers, has been seeking support from the public to help fund their travel to the islands, either in cash or logistical support.

In a recent interview, representatives of the Kalayaan Atin Ito said they have not received any logistical support from companies they have written to, while all the donations they received in previous months have been all used up.

At least P1 billion is needed to fund the expenses of the volunteers, including travel, food, and other necessities for the 30-day protest.

Pls read more:

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Pagasa  (Thitu Island) 37.2 ha. (2nd largest) 
Likas  (West York Island) 18.6 ha. (3rd largest) 
Parola  (Northeast Cay) 12.7 ha. (5th largest) 
Lawak  (Nanshan Island) 7.93 ha. (8th largest) 
Kota  (Loaita Island) 6.45 ha. (10th largest) 
Patag  (Flat Island)  0.57 ha. (14th largest) 
Panata  (Lankiam Cay)  0.44 ha. (15th largest) 
Rizal  (Commodore Reef)
Balagtas  (Irving Reef)
Ayungin  (Second Thomas Shoal)  

Since Pag-asa island is only about 37 hectares or 37,000 square meters, I reckoned that only 1,000 people to visit that island. More than one thousand visitors plus the soldiers and civilians living there will be uncomfortable for everyone, but on the month of September and March only, the time of the year when there is a transition period between Northeast Monsoon (Hanging Amihan) and Southwest Monsoon (Hanging Habagat)

* * * * * * *

Finally our heroic Filipino youths landed in Pag-asa island.

Despite all odds they showed to the world their patriotism and their stand against China's aggression. I salute them.

Umabot na sa Kalayaan Islands sa West Philippine Sea ang isang grupo ng mga kabataan. Paiimbestigahan ng Coast Guard ang may-ari ng barko na ginamit ng grupo lalo't hindi sila pinapayagang maglayag dahil posible itong magdulot ng tensyon sa pagitan ng China at Pilipinas. Nagpa-Patrol, Hazel Salas. TV Patrol, Sabado, Disyembre 26, 2015

Grupo ng Kabataan nakarating na sa Kalayaan Islands.

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Grupo ng Kabataan nakarating na sa Kalayaan Islands.

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