Wednesday, February 26, 2014

View of Cebu City & Harbor - 18th & 19th February 2014

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 View of Cebu City and Harbor from the vicinity of Lauis Ledge Lighthouse.

 View of Talisay City from the vicinity of Lauis Ledge
This lighthouse is located in Cauit point (formerly Cauit island which was reclaimed)
 Shell island located in Cebu Harbor
 Cebu International Port - Container Terminal
Behind is the Opon-Mandaue Bridge
 Cebu International Port - Container Terminal
 The construction of SM Mall near Cauit point, between Talisay town and Cebu City.
 Lauis Ledge Lighhouse and an inbound domestic vessel.
 Lauis Ledge Lighthouse

Charts / Maps of Cebu Harbor

YOUTUBE Video of View of Cebu City and Harbor - 18th & 19th Feb. 2014


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