Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sheltering from Typhoon at Port San Pio Quinto, Camiguin Island, Cagayan Province

On the 19th of October 2013 our vessel departed from the port of Manila bound for Osaka Japan via Batanes islands and west of Okinawa. However on that time a tropical typhoon is located East of Luzon island and proceeding towards Okinawa, Japan.

On my reckoning of our ship's course and speed, and the Typhoon 1327 with International name of Francisco shall have the minimum distance of about 200 nautical miles on the 24th of October in the vicinity of Okinawa island. In view of that situation, I  decided to seek shelter at Camiguin island of the Babuyan Islands Group in order to have a safe distance of about 300 n. miles from Typhoon 1327 "Francisco" when we resume our voyage.. Our vessel arrived and anchored at the Port of San Pio Quinto, Camiguin island on the morning of 21st October. At noon of 22nd October we sailed from Camiguin Island to resume the voyage and follow with a safe distance of about 300 n. miles  the mentioned Typhoon which is heading towards Japan.

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