Thursday, July 2, 2015

View of Itbayat Island and Amianan

View of Itbayat Island and Amianan (Yami) island of Batanes island Province

May 31, 2015

Posting here seldom seen photos of the islands of Itbayat, Siayan, Mabudis, North island and Y'ami or Amianan the northermost island of the Philippines.

View of Mabudis island ( on the left) and Siayan island (on the right)

On my voyages to Japan I seldom pass the vicinity of Batanes islands owing to frequent Gale weather on that area. However in good weather on the voyage to Japan it is advisable to sail in the vicinity of Batanes islands so that your ship can ride on the north-going current which originates from Catanduanes island and the Pacific Ocean. This mentioned current became the Kurushio Current which track is south of Japan then to Mexico in Central America. 

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