Saturday, June 22, 2013

Y'ami - Amianan island of Batanes Province

The Province of Batanes is an island province comprising ten islands that are located in the Luzon Strait between the islands of Luzon and Taiwan. It is the northernmost part of the Philippines and is also the smallest province, both in terms of population and land area.

The island group is located about 162 km north of Luzon and about 190 kilometers south of Taiwan, separated from the Babuyan Islands of Cagayan Province, Luzon, by the Balintang Channel and from Taiwan by the Bashi Channel.

The provincial capital is Basco on Batan Island and the only other inhabited islands are Itbayat and Sabtang. The northernmost island of the province, making it the northernmost island in the Philippines, is Amianan Island or Yami.


Our Exotic Batanes islands province

William Dampier voyage to Batanes island in 1687

Taiwan Weak Claim on our Batanes Islands

View of Batanes from the sea - March 23, 2013

Batanes islands - the land of turbulent winds and hardy Ivatans.

View of Batanes from the Sea

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  1. You information is based on outdated maps that were themselves based on wrong interpretations of older maps. These errors found their way to the current official maps due to plain negligence of the mapping authorities. In particular, the names of the 3 northernmost islands were erroneously given.

    The corrections are as follows:

    Amianan/Y'ami (WRONG) -- Mavudis/Mavodis (CORRECT)
    North (WRONG) -- Misanga (CORRECT)
    Mabudis (WRONG) -- Ditarem (CORRECT)

    These corrections are based on existing local knowledge of the people of Batanes.

    An exhaustive study on the error can be found here: