Thursday, July 5, 2012

Luneta Hotel - of French Renaissance architecture

4th July 2012

The rehabilitation of Luneta Hotel is near completion as I saw it today when I went for a medical examination at a medical clinic nearby.

The hotel on T. M. Kalaw Street, one of the few remaining structures that survived World War II, has been undergoing structural rehabilitation and retrofit  since it was bought by Beaumont Holdings  last August 2007.

Completed in 1918, the Luneta Hotel was designed by Spanish architect-engineer Salvador Farre, according to a study by Dean John Joseph Fernandez of the University of Santo Tomas, College of Architecture.

It is being touted as the only structure reminiscent of French Renaissance architecture with Filipino stylized beaux arts in the country, Fernandez said.
The building fronting located in Kalaw street and fronting Rizal Park was declared a historical landmark by the National Historical Institute and is protected by Presidential Decree 1505 which makes it unlawful to alter or destroy the original features of an edifice classified by the National Historical Institiute without prior written permission from its chairman.

Below were the old photos of Luneta Hotel

Luneta Hotel in the year 2005 before the restoration.

Old photo of Luneta Hotel

2014 Photos of Luneta Hotel

Youtube video link of Luneta Hotel

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