Thursday, July 5, 2012

EDSA corner Roosevelt avenue adjacent to LRT 1 Station.

Travelling from the northern provinces of Luzon, the fastest way to the center of Manila after you alighted from a bus at EDSA, is to take the LRT 1 train from Roosevelt station. Roosevelt is the northern terminus of LRT and the southern terminus is the Baclaran station. You have the chance to get an LRT seat at Roosevelt station than taking the LRT train at Balintawak station or at a Monumento station.

Of course alighting later from the LRT train at Carriedo, Central, or UN Avenue station  is another ordeal to be overcome. You have to be near the door before the train reached your intended destination, otherwise you will find yourself in the other stations.

The best time to arrive in LRT stations at either Roosevelt Station or Balintawak is before 0630 hours in the morning from monday to friday, so you can overcome the morning rush of LRT passengers.

Photos inside the Roosevelt LRT station

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