Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Port San Pio Quinto - Camiguin Island de Babuyanes

Camiguin Island de Babuyanes

Camiguin Island (18-55.0 North   121-55.0 East ) is the SE-most of the
Babuyan Island group, with Geulous Point it’s South extremity. The island is
wooded and mountainous with it’s highest peak toward the NE end; the highest
peak are frequently obscured by clouds. Mount Camiguin is an active volcano.

Port San Pio Quinto on the west side of Camiguin island,
affords good shelter with Northeast winds, and it is the only place in Babuyan
Islands where a large vessel can lie in reasonable safety.

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A Taiwan Chinese ship siphoning black sand from Port San Pio Quinto the 
main port of Camiguin Island.

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Sheltering at Camiguin Island


Sheltering at Port San Pio Quinto, Camiguin island 


Taiwanese Ship off the Coast of Camiguin at Babuyan Island Siphoning Black Sand


The murky world of black sand mining in the Babuyan Islands                                                                                  


Illegal Black Sand Mining in Camiguin Island.

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