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Medical and Dental Mission project of the Manila High School Alumni Association (MHSAA) Inc.

Manila High School Alumni Association (MHSAA), Inc.
Muralla corner Victoria Sts., Intramuros, Manila
12 August 2013
Dear MHS alumni,

We would like to request for your support to the first project of the MHSAA this year – a
Medical and Dental Mission. This project aims to respond to the health and wellness needs of students and teachers of Manila High School (MHS). Health is a human right that should be made available to people. In reality, however, many Filipinos cannot afford the cost of medical treatments and medicines so they only consult doctors or visit hospital facilities only in serious illnesses and emergency cases. We are aware that majority of around 3,000 students of MHS come from very poor families. We also know that public school teachers, including the MHS teachers, do not earn enough to afford regular wellness medical consultations. This project will give both MHS students and teachers an opportunity to avail free medical and dental services.

Below are indicative details of “Pagpapalaganap ng Karapatan sa Kalusugan (PKK):
An MHSAA Medical and Dental Mission 2013”. The MHSAA board members are closely coordinating this project with MHS Principal, Ms. Laura Macalinao.

VENUE: Manila High School, Muralla, Intramuros
DATE: November 14, 2013, Thursday
TIME: 9am - 5pm

PURPOSE: To provide free medical & dental assistance and health awareness to students and teachers of Manila High School (MHS).

For this project, we will seek volunteer services of the following medical professionals:

    Family doctors for general consultations
OB-Gyne for women’s health consultation (including cervical screening, etc.).
   They will also provide orientation to the students on prevention of teenage
    pregnancy and other women’s health concerns.
Dentists for free tooth extraction
Nurses to assist doctors

Where your support can go:

1. Medicines and medical supplies (see list below):
     Paracetamol 250mg/500mg (table & syrup)
     Mefenamic acid 500mg (tablet)
     Multivitamins (tablet & syrup)
     Ascorbic acid (tablet & syrup)
     Ferrous sulphate (tablet)
     Guiafenesin (tablet & syrup)
     Carbocisteine 500mg (capsule & syrup)
     Amoxicilin 500mg (capsule & syrup)
     Erythromycin 500 mg (tablet)
     Cefalexin 500mg (capsule & syrup)
     Ciprofloxacin 500mg (tablet)
     Anesthesia
     Alcohol
     Cotton
     Medical gloves
     Masks
     Tongue depressors

2. Food for volunteer doctors, nurses and patients
3. Tokens for the volunteer medical professionals (maybe 10 to 20 pax)
4. Logistics and reproduction (tarpaulin, documentation, prints/brochures/health
awareness materials, etc.), as needed.
5. Equipments and medical supplies for the MHS clinic:
     dental chair
     examination table
     stethoscope (to replace the defective unit)
     medicines (paracetamol, mefenamic acid, agua oxinada, betadine, etc.)
     supplies (cotton, alcohol, gauze, medical gloves, mask as listed above).

How you can support this project:

1. Donate in kind – please send through your batch representative or directly to MHS
    c/o Principal Laura Macalinao, with label “MHSAA MEDICAL AND DENTAL
    MISSION Project”
2. Donate in cash – please course through your batch representative who will purchase the
    required medicines and supplies (in coordination with MHSAA) or in the absence of your
    batch coordinator, please deposit to the bank account of MHSAA (to be processed).
3. Volunteer your services if you are a medical professional or invite a medical professional
    you know who can volunteer.
We hope that you will be one with us in this initial effort to contribute to the improvement of health and wellness of the students and teachers of MHS.

Please coordinate with us through the following MHSAA Board members: Tes Matibag(09228560421 sun), Norma Ogsonor-Soriano (09237212806 sun) or Vivian Sia (09393913390 smart).

Serving you to strengthen partnership and camaraderie among MHS alumni, students and teachers,

MHS Alumni Association, Inc. 2013
President – Ma. Theresa Padilla-Matibag (Class 1976)
Vice-President – Ronnie Guarin (Class 2000)
Secretary – Norma Ogsonor-Soriano (Class 1975)
Treasurer – Zenia Alcantara-Cabaluna (Class 1973)
Auditor – Mari Louise Triumfo (Class 1975)
PRO – Emmanuel Esber (Class 1964)
Board of Trustees:
Alice Dimaculangan-Rafol (Class 1972) International
Chedita Miravalles-Tamisin (Class 1970)
Elizabeth Dawson (Class 1977)
Evelyn Dechavez (Class 1989)
Melissa Migallos (Class 1979) International
Zenia Morga (Class 1972)
Rodel Jammang (Class 2007)
Teresa Valente-Razon (Class 1976)
Vivian Villanueva-Sia (Class 1985)

June 11, 2013 - Manila High School 107th Foundation Day

June 11, 2013 - Induction of new officers of the Manila High School Alumni Association (MHSAA), Inc.

2nd row from left to right : Tess Valente-Razon (Class 1976), Mari Louise Triumfo - Class (1975) ,  Norma Ogsonor-Soriano Class (1975),  Rodel Jammang (Class 2007),   
Zenia Alcantara-Cabaluna (Class 1973), Chedita Miravalles-Tamisin (Class 1970,)  
Vivian Villanueva-Sia (Class 1985) Ronnie Guarin (Class 2000)
front row from left to right: Ronnie Guarin (Class 2000), a MHS Faculty,
Ma'am Nina Magalong, Ma. Theresa Padilla-Matibag (Class 1976)

August 9, 2013 - MHS Alumni Officers and Members of the Board of Trustees have finally met with Atty. Eric Brando (Batch 1961) the MHSAA President from 1981 to 1988.
Atty Eric Brando is also the President Emeritus of the present Manila High School Alumni Association (MHSAA) Inc.
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