Monday, November 5, 2012

Life At Sea - Onboard MV Eastern Galaxy

Our ship is plying a regular schedule between Philippines and Japanese port of Yawata,
Fukuyama, Kobe, Osaka, and Yokohama. Our usual voyage duration is about 2 weeks
to 3 weeks. The below photos were views of the ports we have called.
(You can enlarge the photos by double clicking your PC mouse.)

Chart / Map of Osaka Bay and the Port of Kobe.
Chart / Map of the Port of Kobe
Chart of Rokko Pier
In Port - Berth W-X of Rokko wharf at Kobe, Japan
From 30th Oct. to 1st Nov. 2012
At Downtown Area of Kobe
The two nice and pretty girls in the photos were college students in Kobe Foreign Studies Course.
At Kobe's Motomachi Shopping Center, a 5 minutes walk from Kobe's
Mission to Seafarers.
Port of Fukuyama, Japan
From 2nd to 3rd Nov. 2012

View of Inland Sea before reaching Bisan Seto bridge
Chart / Map around the vicinity of Bisan Seto bridge.
After crossing under the bridge of Bisan  Seto
Bisan Seto bridge
Vicinity of Akashi bridge - the bridge between Inland Sea and Osaka Bay
                          Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge linking Inland Sea and Osaka Bay is the
                          longest suspension Bridge in the world.
Akashi Bridge
View after passing the Akashi Bridge
View after passing Akashi Bridge - view from east / from Osaka Bay
Other photos of MV Eastern Galaxy crew on the month of October / November  2012
Familiarization donning Safety and Fire Equipments
Other Crew Photos
Port of Yokohama, Japan
Nov. 4th to 6th, 2012
Chart / Map for Tokyo Bay
Chart / Map of Yokohama harbor
Our ship berthed at Daikoku Pier of Yokohma
The Yokohama Harbor Pilot embarked on our vessel as we are proceeding to Daikoku berth.
Yokohama Harbor Bridge
Yokohama Harbor Bridge
Honmoku Pier
Yokohama Harbor Bridge
Yokohama Harbor Bridge
View of Yokohama Harbor Bridge from Daikoku Pier
Our vessel was berthed at Daikoku Pier -3
WI-FI time at Crew Messhall
Mr. Eddie from Diamond Store in Yokohama had lend to us a Portable Wi-Fi
and Router during the duration of our port stay here in Yokohama.
The pretty nice lady is the Secretary in the office of Nanayo Maritime in Tokyo.
Photos in the ship's Engine room

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  1. Thanks for posting all these pictures! My father, Anastacio Casas, used to captain this ship. He is turning 75 next week and I am going to make a cake modeled after the ship. Its been so difficult finding any photos of the ships he used to captain. Thanks again!

  2. You are welcome Cheryl and advance Happy Birthday to your Dad.