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Some photos of Plaza Miranda, Carlos Palanca Street and R. Hidalgo Street in Quiapo Manila

Quiapo is a district of Manila, Philippines, also referred to as the "old downtown." It is known for its cheap prices on items ranging from electronics, bicycles to native handicrafts.

Quiapo is also famous for the Black Nazarene. Thousands of people parade through the streets to touch the statue where it is supposed to produce miraculous effects. A number of faithful usually collapse in a faint during the ritual, and some have even died. The Feast Day of the Black Nazarene (also known as Quiapo Day) is celebrated every January 9.

Plaza Miranda in the heart of Quiapo District, is named after Jose Sandino y Miranda, who served as secretary of the treasury of the Philippines for 10 years beginning in 1853.[2] It is a square or a public plaza in front of the St. John the Baptist Church or Quiapo Church as it is widely known. It is also a popular site of political rallies. On August 21, 1971, while the Liberal Party held their Miting de Avance in the plaza, a bomb exploded, killing 9 and injuring almost 100 civilians.

The Quiapo district is also home to a sizable Muslim population in Manila. The Golden Mosque and Green Mosque are located there. A veritable army of fortune tellers and stores offering herbal products surround the Quiapo church. The biggest problem underlying the district is the sale of pirated goods and bandits. The largest area where you can buy pirated movies, software and pornographic videos can be found in Quiapo where the stores sprawl over four public streets.

Through the years, the glory of Quiapo steadily declined. During the American period until the late 1970s, Quiapo and its surrounding vicinities like Avenida, Binondo, Sta. Cruz, Escolta and the university belt, were the centers of trade, fashion, art, higher learning and the elites of Manila.

Quiapo Church, also known as the Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene, is the site of the annual January Black Nazarene procession. One of Manila’s most famous churches, Quiapo Church gets very crowded every Friday when thousands of devotees come to light a candle in supplication to the Black Nazarene, a life-size image of Christ believed to be miraculous. Around the church is a fascinating gathering of vendors selling candles and curiosities like amulets and folk cures for obscure ailments. The present cream-colored edifice was built after the original Mexican Baroque structure burned to the ground in 1928.

Below is the photos of the west portion of R. Hildago Street,  the east portion which is the historical portion of R. Hidalgo Street  is on the opposite side across Quezon Blvd.

Below were some photos taken at Carlos Palanca Street  ( formerly Echague Street )

Below were the photos taken at the historic R. Hidalgo Street (East portion)

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