Friday, August 13, 2010

The Golden Mosque and Globo de Oro Street in Quiapo, Manila

The Golden Mosque at the end of Globo de Oro street was built in 1976 by the First Lady Imelda Marcos for the visit of Libya’s president Muammar Khadafy. Khadafy visit was cancelled but the Mosque has become the biggest Mosque in Metro Manila.

The Masjid al-Dahab, more popularly known as the Golden Mosque, is the religious center of Muslims in Metro Manila. While there are sizable Muslim communities in Diliman and Taguig, most of the metropolis’ Islam adherents live in Quiapo and Binondo, close to the largest mosque in Metro Manila.

The mosque is large enough to accommodate 3,000 worshipers and is usually packed full during the Islamic day of worship every Friday at noon.

Friday is also known as "Quiapo Day" because that is the day of worship by the devotees of Black Nazarene in Quiapo Church. Perhaps it is a coincidence that the Mosque and Quiapo Church celebrate their specials days on Friday.

Muslims once ruled Manila until 1570 when Miguel López de Legazpi soundly defeated the ruling Muslim leaders like Rajah Sulayman and established Manila as the capital of Spanish Philippines. Today, only the Golden Mosque stands as the major reminder of the presence of Islam in the capital city.

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