Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Philippine Army's Reserve Command joined the Manila Bay clean-up drive

Yesterday 26th of October 2015 on the way to Mall of Asia, I saw many Army soldiers at the Baywalk of Roxas Boulevard, Manila, owing to curiosity or my inborn "Usizero" character, I asked the FX passenger driver to stop and I alighted there. Well the Army Reserve Command is doing a clean-up drive to remove tons of garbage washed-up by the recent typhoon Lando to Roxas Boulevard.

These garbages washed-up to Roxas Boulevard originally came from the houses of both poor and rich Filipinos in MetroManila and surrounding provinces. The garbages from streets flows to the canals, esteros and finally end-up in Pasig River and or to other rivers connected to Manila Bay.

Since about 2009 there were many civic organizations doing the voluntary works of cleaning the Roxas Boulevard and other coastal areas of Manila Bay. However the garbages in Manila Bay is never diminished since the peoples were still careless in throwing their garbages to anywhere outside their home. 

Owing Manila Bay is an enclosed bay with only two  channels leading to West Philippine Sea, the garbages perpetually float and drift in Manila Bay. Then when there is a strong Northeast Moonson and passing Typhoons, the garbages in Manila Bay is washed up to the coastal areas of Cavite, Metro Manila,, Bulacan, Pampanga, and Bataan.

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Roxas Boulevard near the US Embassy complex.

Roxas Blvd near the US Embassy complex

The white and green buildings is the US Embassy complex.

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