Tuesday, March 10, 2015

GABRIELA and other nationalist groups rally at Mehan Garden, Manila - 8th March 2015

Below were photos of GABRIELA's and other leftist / nationalist group on their observance of International Womens Day and their call for Pnoy Aquino to resign. I joined their march from Mehan Garden up to Mendiola Bridge.

At Bonifacio monument in Mehan Garden  nearby City Hall of Manila.
8th March 2015


GABRIELA and other nationalist groups marches to Mendiola Bridge near Malacanang Palace

Now at Quezon Bridge proceeding to Quezon Boulevard and then right turn to Recto Avenue.

Pasig River - looking towards east direction.

At the middle of Quezon Bridge, marching towards Quiapo and then Mendiola.

The rallyist from GABRIELA and other nationalist groups is now in Quezon Boulevard, Quiapo.

Now nearing the vicinity of Isetan Mall at corner of Recto Avenue and Quezon Blvd.

Now at Recto Avenue proceeding towards Legarda / Mendiola Bridge.

Vicinity of Mendiola Bridge. Legarda street corner Recto Avenue

The historic Mendiola Bridge


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Youtube Video

GABRIELA Marches to Mendiola Bridge

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