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The successful first Medical and Dental Mission held at Manila High School by MHS Alumni Association Inc.


19 November 2013, Alzona Hall, MHS, Muralla Street, Intramuros Manila
Reports and Documentation.

The Manila High School Alumni Association (MHSAA) organized “Pagpapalaganap ng Karapatan sa Kalusugan”, the first-ever medical and dental mission for Manila High School (MHS) students and teachers. MHS Intramuros has a population of around 1,600 students and 140 teachers. It is the intention of this project to address the health and wellness concerns of students and teachers.
Health is a right and should be a priority concern of citizens and governments. However, it comes as last priority for people facing financial challenges as experienced by most families of students at MHS, a public high school in Manila. It was also intended to benefit the teachers as we are bringing the doctors in the school so their time and financial concerns are addressed.

The pre-organizing activities included solicitation of support through letter, emails, yahoo group and Facebook post of the events and needs. The donations came in cash, and in kind from alumni and from various organizations. Design studies on the event logo and design for the tarpaulin and T-shirts were provided by MHSAA Vice-President Ronnie Guarin of Batch 2000 and Batch 72 Nick Giocada. Aside from cash and medicines received, alumni, non-alumni and doctors volunteers came to provide support during the event.


Cash donations were given by Manila High School Graduates International Association (MHSGIA) approved by its President, Batch 79 Melissa Migallos; Batch 62 Lib Prudencio; Batch 63 Emil Ermio; Batch 64 Emmanuel Esber " aka Sam Esber ", Butch Delos Reyes, and Fred Acosta; Batch70 Noel Moya; Batch76 Global through Edna Nelson; MHS Philippines through Batch 79 Beng Manalang; Batch 85 Ms. McCarthy and Angel Medina. The total amount received in cash and in kind was around Ps. 81,000 and utilization was approximately at 90% or equivalent to Ps. 75,000. If computed on per patient cost, we can safely peg it at Ps. 130 per patient who is treated and given the necessary medicines and vitamins. Summary of cash donations and its utilization will be reported by MHSAA Treasurer Zen Alcantara.

UNILAB responded positively to MHSAA request and donated Ps. 30,000 worth of medicines consisting of items such as Allerta (anti-allergy), Neozep Forte and syrup, Avamax (Atorvastatin), and vitamins (Enervon, Revicon Forte, Ceelin, Nutrilin). Batch76 Dr. Ramon Pondoc certified the event and Batch72 Fe Villanueva Abane, UNILAB official, endorsed MHS. These actions facilitated the approval of the request.

Batch59 Dr. Rosalio Torres, hematologist of Makati Medical Center, donated 2 sets of stethoscope for MHS clinic and 2 bags of assorted medicines. Batch89 led by Eric Paraloan donated Ps10,000 worth of medicines. Other donations of assorted medicines were given by Dr. Pondoc of Batch76 and by the Inner Wheel Circle Club of Malabon through its President Marissa Bautista of Batch76.

Other services and goods
Batch76 Crispin Alcoran provided the van to transport drinking water on 18 November and doctors and their equipment on 19 November. Batch85 and board member Vivian Sia provided a vehicle to transport additional doctors on 19 November.

Batch89 Evelyn Dechaves donated 75 pieces of T-shirts and brought the Emergency Management Team (EMT) of Binondo Middletown Fire Brigade who took the vital signs of the patients.

Volunteers from Batch72 were led by its President, Elena Adorable, in coordination with MHSAA Board Members, Alice Rafol and Zenia Morga. They prepared and distributed food to all students who availed of the free medical and dental check-up.


On 19 November 2013, the volunteer organizers started arriving at 7 a.m. The board organizers gave a briefing to the volunteers at 8:30 a.m. Patients started coming in at 9 a.m. and the check-up started at 9:30 a.m. The consultations ended at 4 p.m. but some of the board members cleaned up and left the venue at 8 p.m.

Alumni Volunteers – The board members who purchased additional medicines 3 days prior to the event were Batch72 Zen Alcantara, Batch85 Vivian Sia, Batch89 Evelyn Dechaves, and Batch76 Tes Matibag. During the event, volunteers from various batches provided the needed services and support – from manning the different posts and stations, to providing food to the students and volunteers, to ushering, carrying medical equipment and beds and helping the volunteer doctors and dentists. Board members were also strategically posted in the pre-determined stations – Batch74 Norma Ogsonar-Soriano as supplies focal person, Vice President and Batch2000 Ronnie Guarin as dental assistant, Batch2007 Rodel Jammang as doctors’ assistant, Batch76 Teresita Valente as food distribution lead, Batch72 Zenia Morga and Batch75 Mari Louie Triumfo as Pharmacy leads, Batch85 Vivian Sia as main hall usher and Batch76 Tes Padilla-Matibag for overall coordination with MHS officials – Principal Laura Macalinao and Ms. Nina Magalong. There were 3 alumni nurses from Batch76, Batch2005 - Miss Glaiza Chaves,  and Batch2007. A total of 41 alumni volunteers actively participated during the event (list attached for details

Non-Alumni Volunteers – The Binondo Middletown Fire Brigade were posted at the nurses’ station to get vital signs of patients. Nurses and doctors who were not MHS alumni also provided their necessary services. We had Raissa Marie Basco, a volunteer nurse and granddaughter of Batch63 Emil Ermio.

Health and Wellness Professionals – The following groups of volunteers arrived to provide various health and wellness services:
  • Manila Dental Chapter of the Philippine Dental Association (PDA) led by its Manila Chapter President Dr. Gemma Galang – 7 dentists who came to treat dental cases of students. They also gave an orientation on dental hygiene.
  • Adventist Medical Center, Pasay City led by Batch70 Pastor Neph Manez (President of North Philippine Union Conference of Seventh-Day Adventist Church) and Dr. Johan Kim Manez of Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP) who also gave a presentation on wellness and prevention of cancer, diabetes and other life-threatening illnesses. Considering that the Adventists are vegetarian, Batch70 George Cantero provided fruits for them to complement the vegetarian food they also brought for their lunch.
    • 4 doctors who treated for general medicine concerns
    • 4 dentists who joined the PDA team in dental treatments
    • 2 pharmacists who assisted in dispensing the free medicines prescribed by doctors.
  • Kalusugan ng Kababaihan sa Pangkabayanan (KnKPInc.) led by its President Connie Alfiler
    • 5 obstetrician and gynecologists who gave intra-vaginal ultrasound and consultation to women teachers and alumni. They also gave orientation on prevention of teenage pregnancy for students
    • 4 medical technologists who gave bone scanning and anemia checking for women and men.
  • Dr. Naz Velasco - pediatrician from Ospital ng Maynila who was consulted by students on various cases.
  • Dr. Ramon Pondoc – Batch76 alumni and doctor who gave endorsement of MHSAA to UNILAB.
  • Kanlungan ng Buhay Livelihood c/o Batch70 Chedita M. Tamisin, who, together with volunteer Dahlia Delos Santos of Caritas Manila, were the therapists who gave very relaxing massages to patients. Mostly teachers, including MHS Principal Laura Macalinao, and some alumni volunteers, availed of such service. They also gave tips on acupressure points for certain pain and illnesses.
THE RESULTS – Patients and Treatments

There were 624 students and teachers who registered as patients with more than 50% women. Details of treatments are as follows:
  • Dental– 100 patients
  • General Medicine– 468
  • Obstetrical and gynecological
    • Intra-vaginal Ultrasound – 35 women
    • Bone scanning & Anemia checking – 86 patients (more than 90% women)
More than 80% of the medicines were dispensed during the event. The remaining 20% of the medicines were donated to the MHS clinic and turned over to Mrs. Nina Magalong, MHS alumni coordinator and Pilipino Department Head. The board members stationed in the pharmacy recorded the dispensed medicines.

Towards the end of all medical procedures, a feedback form is given to some patients, mostly the teachers, to fill up.  They assess the overall activity or project with HAPPY marks. They indicated their satisfaction with the various treatments they availed of – medical, dental, gynecological/obstetrical, and massage therapy. To quote them:
·         I’m happy that there is a project like this. Congratulations to all alumni.
·         It is informative.
·         Thanks for your help in this medical mission. It is truly beneficial to our students and teachers.
·         I hope this medical mission of the alumni will be held on a regular basis. MHS needs it badly. Thanks a lot, MHS alumni.
·         Very much satisfied for the accommodation and the opportunity for medical check-up.
·         Thank you soooo much for the service, medicines and beautiful people.

Some of their suggestions for future medical mission include bone density, ophthalmology, surgical, diabetes, arthritis, Heart ECG and other related to the heart.

Photo documentation of the event was taken by MHSAA Auditor Batch75 Mari Louise Triumfo but other alumni and groups also took good shots during the event such as those taken by the Adventist Medical Center, the Manila Dental Chapter and by various alumni like Batch63 Emil Ermio, Batch76 Lorie Flores, etc. 

By : 

Ma. Theresa Padilla-Matibag (Class 1976
President, MHS Alumni Association, Inc. 2013


Handing over of 2 stethescope donations to MHS Principal Laura Macalinao

Registration of MHS Alumni Volunteers

Registration for Doctors

Registration of Patients


MHS Alumni Association, Inc. 2013

President – Ma. Theresa Padilla-Matibag (Class 1976)
Vice-President – Ronnie Guarin (Class 2000)
Secretary – Norma Ogsonor-Soriano (Class 1975)
Treasurer – Zenia Alcantara-Cabaluna (Class 1973)
Auditor – Mari Louise Triumfo (Class 1975)
PRO – Emmanuel Esber (Class 1964)
Board of Trustees:
Alice Dimaculangan-Rafol (Class 1972) International
Chedita Miravalles-Tamisin (Class 1970)
Elizabeth Dawson (Class 1977)
Evelyn Dechavez (Class 1989)
Melissa Migallos (Class 1979) International
Zenia Morga (Class 1972)
Rodel Jammang (Class 2007)
Teresa Valente-Razon (Class 1976)
Vivian Villanueva-Sia (Class 1985)

From left : Zenia Morga - Class 72, Tes Padilla-Matibag - Class 76 (President of MHSAA)
                               Norma Ogsonar-Soriano - Class 75, Mari Louise Triumfo - Class 75

Batch 64 meeting with the Officers and Trustees of Manila High School Alumni Assn.

Batch 64 meeting with the Officers and Trustees of Manila High School Alumni Assn

Batch 64 meeting with the Officers and Trustees of Manila High School Alumni Assn

MHS Alumni Christmas Party at Manila High School.

 MHS Alumni Christmas Party at Manila High School.

MHS Alumni Christmas Party at Manila High School.


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