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Photo Journal of National Maritime Polytechnic's Training Course for Instructor - IMO Model Course 6.09

Seafarers after their 6 or 12 months stint at sea manning vessels of different flags plying the Seven seas have to undergone many maritime training courses to fulfill the requirements of the International Maritime Organization’s requirement for upgrading courses and other safety courses. In those maritime training courses the instructor giving the lectures were also former seafarers or active seafarers doing a sideline job while also on a 3 or 4 months vacations ashore.

Many years ago it’s my wish to become a maritime instructor but every time I am at home for a 3 or 4 months vacation after a year at sea, I always forgot those wish. Now I have time to fulfill my wish to become an Instructor in a maritime training center or to just experience how to teach students who were also colleagues in maritime profession. The International Maritime Organizations or “IMO “required that Instructor for Maritime Courses must be a graduate of IMO Model Course 6.09. So last July 6th to 16th,  I have taken the IMO Model Course 6.09 and it was a satisfying experience as I gained knowledge not only for teaching but it also removed my stage fright.

Below were some photos during the two weeks Instructor Course at the National Maritime Polytechnic in Buendia Avenue (Gil Puyat Avenue) Bel Air Village, Makati City.

Views in the vicinity of Buendia Avenue (Gil Puyat Ave) and Makati Avenue.

View of Makati Avenue towards Bel Air Village.

Near the corner of Buendia Avenue (Gil Puyat Ave.) and Makati Avenue

View of the corner of Buendia Avenue (Gil Puyat Avenue) and Makati Avenue, looking towards the west direction.

View of the corner of Buendia Avenue (Gil Puyat Avenue) and Makati Avenue, (looking towards East or towards EDSA. The east terminus of Buendia Avenue is EDSA (near MRT station) and the west terminus is Roxas Blvd.

View of Buendia Avenue (Gil Puyat Avenue) and Makati Avenue.

National Maritime Polytechnic is located on the 2nd floor of this building, where the Employees Compensation Commission and the Makati branch of SSS is housed. The building is on the north side of
Buendia Avenue (Gil Puyat Avenue) just infront of the tall Petron Building and BPI Center building.

Graduation Ceremony - 16th July 2010

Class Picture of Batch 07-10, July 6-16, 2010

Lt. Cmdr. William O. Arquero, from the Philippine Coast Guard. He is also a participant of the MC 6.09 and the elected Class President of our Batch.

Ms Dessa Joy Bautista, Dr. Rosana Sevilla, Lt. Cmdr William O. Arquero, and Ms. Maria Rosario A. Francisco from Marlow Navigation.

Some visitors during the Graduation Exercises.

Some of the The Graduates of MC 6.09

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