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MV Eastern Galaxy at Keppel Batangas Shipyard - June 24th to July 25th 2014

On the 23rd of June 2014 our vessel the  MV Eastern Galaxy arrived at  Keppel Shipyard located in Barangay Bolo, Bauan Batangas for her mandatory biennial drydocking, repair, and maintenance.

Dry dock is a structure area wherein construction, repairs and maintenance of merchant vessels and boats are carried out. The unique construction allows the water to be filled up in that area, also known as lock, so that vessels can be maneuvered in and out of the area.

Once the vessel enter the dry dock, the gates are closed and the seawater is drained out so that hull and other areas of the ship which have been exposed to sea water for a long time are available for carrying out maintenance and repair works. As per SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea convention) requirement all Merchant vessels requires a complete inspection of hull in a dry dock twice within 5 year period and the intermediate survey must not be more than 36 months. This included maintenance of the hull, propeller, rudder, etc. and other parts which are immersed in water and are normally inaccessible by ship staff at normal sailing period.

Lay out of Keppel Batangas at Barangay Bulo, Bauan town.

Keppel Shipyard at Barangay Bulo, Bauan Batangas

* * * * *

1st day on the Graving Dock -24th June 

From left is the 3rd Officer Randolph Singer, AB Francisco Gineta, and the 2nd Officer Alvin Sy.

* * * * *

2nd day on the Graving Dock - 25th June

* * * * *

3rd day on the Graving Dock - 26th June
On the 3rd day on the graving dock, the hull and the keel was hosed down with fresh water using high-pressure jet hose.

The keel of the ship after it was hosed down with Fresh water using high-pressure jet hose.

Below were the 4 photos with trace of slight dent on the port side Keel from frame 60 to frame 68. Since their is no signs of scratches on the paint, therefore the slight dent most probably happens before the last drydocking on the year 2012.

Our ship's Lifeboat / Rescue Boat temporarily stowed on the dockyard while the
wire rope boat falls is being renewed.
* * * * *

4th day on the Graving Dock - 27th June

The rust / corrosion on the ship's hull and keel was removed by sandblasting. Sandblasting is a technique used for cleaning ship's hull and keel  by blowing a stream of sand under air or steam pressure.

Some ship's crew and daily wager from ESL.

Cargo Hold no. 1

* * * * *

 6th day on the Graving Dock - 29th June 

Cargo Hold no. 2. The tanktop of Water Ballast Tank no. 3 is being renewed.

Some female workers from Keppel Shipyard.

After sandblasting the ship's hull and keel and wash again with fresh water, the hull and keel
was painted with coats of anti-corrosive paint.




* * * * *

7th day on the graving dock - 30th June

The daily Vessel Safety Coordination Committee Meeting - Daily Work Plan : Attended by Keppel Yard Representatives (Ship Repair Manager, HSE Officer, Hull Engineers, Mechanical Engineer, Piping Officer, Electrical Engineer, Shipwright Officer, QA/QC Officer and Commercial Officer) and the Vessel Representatives (Superintendent, Master, Chief Officer, and Chief Engineer)


Lower hold of Cargo Hold no.1

Our vessel's Engine Room

Our vessel's Engine Room

Cargo Hold no. 2

The tanktop of Water Ballast Tank no. 3 (located in Lower Hold of Cargo Hold no. 3) were being crop-out and to be renewed with new Steel plates as required by Class NK Surveyor.

Starboard side Sea chest with zinc anode in place.

Port side Sea chest

* * * * *

8th day on the Graving Dock - 1st July

Lower hold of cargo hold no. 2. The tanktop of WBT no. 3 is being crop-out and will be 
renewed with new steel plates.

Dockworkers were cleaning the WBT no.1 and WBT no. 2.

The foraward part of tanktop of WBT no. 1 was crop-out and renewed with new steel plate.

The bottom part of port side Chain locker.

 * * * * *

 9th day on the Graving Dock - 2nd July

Sensor for either echo sounder or speed log.

Sensor for either speed log or echo sounder

Under the keel - starboard side

Under the keel - port side

Under the keel - port side

* * * * *

12th day in the Graving Dock - 5th July

Sea chest on the starboard - already checked and closed.

Sensor for echo sounder

Sensor for speed log

Bottom plugs for Water Ballast Tanks were all closed and vacuum-tested.

Port side Sea chest

Bottom plug - closed and vacuum-tested, covered with cement.

In way of Cargo hold no.1


In the afternoon of 5th July the vessel started to refloat the vessel, the gate of Graving dock
was slowly open for sea water to enter and fill the graving dock.

In the evening of 5th July our vessel was fully afloat and was shifted to Block 1 Pier
of Keppel Shiphard.

 * * * * *

6th July - Our vessel was alongside Pier Block 1 to continue the repair of other items on deck,
mast, accommodation and in the Engine Room. All repairs is expected to be completed on
or about the 15th of July.

Cargo hold no. 2 -  Replating of tanktop of WBTno. 2 and WBT no. 3 is in progress.


Cargo hold no 1 - Repair in WBT no. 1 and WBT no. 4 is in progress.

* * * * * * *

Views in and around Keppel Shipyard Batangas - Barangay Bolo, Bauan.


A cargo barge and tugboat chartered by ESL at Batangas Bay

The eye of Typhoon Glenda passed in between Manila and Batangas and
we had experienced very strong 50 to 60 knots winds at Batangas Bay.

On the afternoon of 16th July our vessel was towed to Sta Maria
anchorage near Mabini town owing to coming Typhoon Glenda.

 From left: C.O. Doquesa, Engine Cadet Christian Ramos, and A.B. Rex

18th July at Keppel's Quay Wall

 (A day after the onslaught of Typhoon Glenda at Batangas Bay)

Female welder of Keppel Shipyard.

Female welder of Keppel Shipyard.

Load Test of Lifeboats - July 23, 2014

Starboard side Lifeboat

Port side Lifeboat

Presumably Badjau children diving scrap metals at the bottom of the sea.

Completed repair of starboard hull in way of Cargo Hold's Tween deck no. 2

Test Load of Derricks and Cranes - July 24, 2014

Load Test of Derrick no. 1 using test weight of 30 m.tons

Test load of Crane no. 1 (Slave Crane) using test weight of 35 m.tons.

Test Load of Derrick no. 2 using test weight of 30 m.tons.

The Daily Vessel Safety Coordination Meeting - Daly Work Plan

Attended by Yard Representatives and Vessel Representatives and presided by
Keppel's Ship Repair Manager.

Load test of Cranes in Tandem Operation - using test load of 72 m.ton

 Test load of Master Crane and Slave Crane  in Tandem mode of operation was done,
           using test load of 72 m.tons.

At 0012 hours 26th July 2014 our vessel sail out from Keppel Shipyard's Quay Wall and anchored    1 mile east of Bauan International Port. Our vessel is awaiting berthing instruction for berthing at Bauan International Port and to load cargo for Kochi Japan.

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